All services provided by KowloonHosting are subject to the full acceptance of the terms of services below. By signing up with us, clients confirm to accept those terms and have legal responsibility to abide by them. The latest date of revision was April 17th, 2013. Further revisions might be made without further notice.

Full disclosure of facts. Clients are required to provide real contact details when signing up with us. Orders made with fake/unreal names, addresses, phone numbers may not be processed. When required, clients also needs to disclose their full setup needs for us to make sure of availability before starting to setup the ordered account.

End user support. KowloonHosting provides end user technical support to its clients. We do not guarantee a resolution time but aims to reply to all support requests within 24h. All technical support requests must be done through our support ticket system at the client area of our website. Non-critical requests can be done through email (support at however the response time can be significantly longer than support ticket requests.
Support request for third party scripts (such as Fantastico installed scripts, RVSitebuilder, WHMCS) will be reprioritized as low priority and may not be replied to.

Indemnificaton. Clients agree to indemnify KowloonHosting, its directors, employees, service partners & providers, agents from any liability, damage, obligation or loss which may happens when using our service.

Warranties. Within the limits of the Hong Kong laws, all our services are provided "as is". KowloonHosting does not guarantee that the services will be uninterrupted, error-free and completely secure.

Pornography, copyrights softwares, Warez. KowloonHosting has a zero tolerance policy regarding pornographic websites, sites selling or offering downloads of copyrighted softwares, and warez related websites. Any account found on our server with such content will be terminated immediately without notice nor refund.

Shared Hosting Accounts. Shared hosting accounts are for the client use only. Client may not resell this account to another party. This includes email accounts and shared hosting accounts with unlimited domain add-ons.

Reseller Hosting Accounts. Reseller clients are responsible to ensuring that their own clients respect the terms of services of KowloonHosting. While we do not set any limits on number of accounts, resellers should make sure their clients abide by the terms of; resellers should also not accept resource intensive or high traffic sites that would cause load to the servers, affecting their own clients and other resellers' clients normal usage. Single resold accounts should not exceed 25GB in used monthly bandwidth.

Fair use of services. Excessive use of server/network resources, including CPU and bandwidth, affects the normal operations of a server used in a shared hosting environment; clients agree not to run softwares, scripts or background running programs that would exceed a fair use of their account. In order to protect the integrity of our network, as well as the normal use of the server resources by other clients sharing the same server,KowloonHosting reserves itself to suspend abusing accounts, until the issue has been addressed completely.

Blacklisting. KowloonHosting does not guarantee that its IP address would not be blacklisted. In case an IP address happens to be blacklisted, KowloonHosting will take proper measures to contact blacklist provider and request delisting, after finding and addressing the original cause. To avoid blacklisting and negative effects on their businesses, KowloonHosting recommends to clients with intensive email use to purchase a dedicated IP address.

Spamming. Clients are prohibited to use email accounts at our network to send unsollicited emails. Clients found to have used our servers for spamming, or to have caused an IP address on our network to be blacklisted, would be immediately terminated without refund.

Mass mailing. To prevent blacklisting of our IP addresses, KowloonHosting does not allow its servers to be used to operate mailing lists or send mails to large number of email accounts simultaneously. Any account found to be sending mails to over 50 non-internal email accounts simultaneously would be suspended, and frequent offenders will be terminated without refund.

Payments. Payments must be received in full prior to account activation. KowloonHosting does not provide trial accounts, but offers a 10-day moneyback guarantee which ensures clients whose requirements are not met in full get back their payment in full. In case you have specific requirements, please contact our sales department for confirmation of availability prior to placing the order.

Suspension for non-payment. Shared hosting account and reseller accounts are suspended after 48h of renewal payment being overdue. Exceptions can be made in case valid reasons are provided. Dedicated servers are suspended at 3:00PM on the day of expiration. No exception can be made. It is the responsibility for the client to ensure payment reach us before the end of his/her current contract.

Re-activation of suspended accounts. Suspended accounts can be reactivated after paying a one-time service fee of HKD50.

Termination for non-payment. Shared hosting accounts and reseller accounts are terminated, which means that the data is removed from our severs, after 15 days of account overdue. Dedicated servers are terminated after 24h of renewal fees overdue. Terminated accounts cannot be reactivated.

Backups for suspended/terminated accounts. Clients who want to obtain a full backup of their account which has been suspended, can do so after paying a service fee of HKD250. Backups of terminated accounts can be obtained after paying a service fee of HKD500. KowloonHosting does not guarantee the availability of backups for terminated accounts.

Accounts cancellations. Cancellations requests should be made at least 7 days prior to expiration of the hosting account. Clients data are removed and billing account set to "cancelled" status within 24h of receiving your request. Cancellation requests can be made only through support tickets or by email from the account owner email account. Cancelation by phone, fax, or emails sent from a different account will not be processed.
Accounts canceled prior to expiration can not receive a refund of the unused portion of their initial contract.

Suspensions & Terminations. KowloonHosting reserves itself the right to suspend or terminate an account without notice or liability. Services would be suspended if they are being used in violation of these terms of services, are affecting the normal use of other clients due to hardware/network abuse, or when required by Hong Kong law enforcement or regulatory agencies.

China Policy. Due to the majority of our clients businesses being related to mainland China (either China residents, or conducting business with Chinese individuals or businesses), KowloonHosting reserves itself the right to suspend any site with contents that may trigger our IP addresses to be blocked in mainland China. This includes sites with contents of, among others, political, adult, religious nature.

Backup Policy. Clients agree to keep themselves a copy of all data hosted with us. While KowloonHosting automatically backups all its shared/reseller servers, this does not, under any circumstance, equals to a guarantee of backup availability in case of server failure. Clients are responsible for backing up their own data, KowloonHosting will not accept any liability in case of loss or damage to your data.
KowloonHosting will also disable automatic backups for accounts with over 10GB of used disk space. Clients with accounts over 10GB disk space can however contact us to purchase a backup account, which is charged at HKD500/year (below 50GB).

Migration Policy. KowloonHosting provides free migration for new clients transferring to our servers. The free migration service is subject to two requirements: 1) The original account must be cPanel based; 2) The original account file should be less than 2GB.
Due to differences in operating systems and cPanel versions, KowloonHosting does not guarantee that the backup would be successful. We do however offer basic assistance after transfer to ensure all data has been transferred correctly.
The free migration service is not available on reseller plans or dedicated servers.

Network Changes. Upgrades and other changes to our network, including, but not restricted to, software updates, hardware replacements, datacenter changes, bandwidth allocation changes, may affect the normal use of our services. KowloonHosting will not be responsible for any damage occurred to clients due to above changes.

Customers Notices. All notices, including invoices, support tickets notifications, contact requests etc. are sent to the provided client email account only. KowloonHosting will not be held responsible in case a notice is not received in a timely manner, or is not received at all. Clients are strongly recommended to ensure their contact email account is updated regularly if needed, and this contact email should not be on our network to ensure delivery in case of downtime.

Force Majeure. KowloonHosting will not be held liable if it is unable to provide its services due to force majeure events including, but not limited to, power grid failure, internet downtime, hardware failure, international bandwidth instability, natural disasters, war, riots, insurrections, strikes, terrorism.

Governing laws & Disputes. KowloonHosting is a division of Cycom Hong Kong Limited, is a Hong Kong registered company. All our services are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Some services might be subject to the laws of the People's Republic of China, of which Hong Kong is a special region, and laws of countries of third parties softwares or providers that we may use, including the United States. In any cases, any dispute our lawsuit should be done in Hong Kong courts only.